We hope that you enjoy our photo gallery of some of the experiences and beauty of SE Alaska our guests have enjoyed.

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Check Out The Scenery !

SE Alaska has beautiful and varied scenery. Its tall mountains and seascapes present stunning vistas. Tranquil bays, some with tidewater glaciers, abound. We’d love to share it with you!

You can also visit such places as the city of Sitka with its rich historic past as the original capital city of Alaska, or you can visit the village of Kake or Hoonah with its thrilling zipline.

View the Wildlife

SE Alaska is home to a magnificent abundance and variety of wildlife. There are plentiful Humpback Whales, Orca Whales, Dahl Porpoises, seals and sea lions. Along the shore you can see Brown and Black Bears, Sitka Black-tail Deer, and an occasional otter or mink. Bald eagles dot the skies and the trees along the shoreline. Every trip aboard the Legend is different and you’ll never lack for wildlife to view.

Legend at Work and Play

The Legend provides a way to pursue leisure activities such as sightseeing, wildlife viewing, fishing, beach combing, and kayaking in comfort, and to just plain relax.

The Legend is an ideal work platform for conducting historical and environmental surveys. Past studies have included underwater surveying of an historical shipwreck and tracking of the Harbor Seal population of Tracy and Endicott Arms.

Have an Adventure

You may want to simply enjoy a relaxing vacation traveling the waters of SE Alaska while viewing the scenery and the variety of land and sea wildlife, and doing some fishing along the way.

But, you may want to create a unique adventure such as riding Hoonah’s zipline, visiting a limestone cavern, or visiting a Brown Bear sanctuary. Let us help you create the adventure of your dreams!