Meet the Legend’s Captains

Legend Charters prides itself on its knowledgeable and experienced personnel. Our Captains have a combined experience of over 75 years, the majority being on the waters of Southeastern Alaska. Both skippers have transited the Inside Passage from Seattle to Alaska numerous times with a variety of power and sail boats. Our skippers have been to the Nordic Tug Factory in Burlington, Washington and know all sizes of “Nordics” in detail from the molding through commissioning. They look forward to sharing their knowledge and experience with you.
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  David Carnes
Since his arrival in Southeastern Alaska in 1970, David has been involved with boating and water activities. He worked as the mine engineer in developing an underwater mine at Petersburg, AK, owned and operated a commercial gillnet fishing boat, raced sailboats and served as the alternate captain of an oil recovery vessel. David holds an Inland Waters U.S. Merchant Marine Officer license for vessels up to 50 tons, and is a licensed Keel Boat Operator. He has captained Nordic Tugs since 2004.

Captain Carnes has made numerous boat transits from Seattle to Southeastern Alaska and is a Past Commodore of the Juneau Yacht Club. He and his wife, Pat, are owners of the Legend.

David is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines. He is a registered Mining Engineer and a licensed Fishing Guide with the State of Alaska.
Wade Loofbourrow
Wade is a long-time professional mariner with decades of experience. He possesses a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer license for vessels up to 3000 tons. Wade has worked as a commercial diver and commercial fisherman. From 1988 to 2006 Wade was the Master of the State of Alaska main research vessel, R/V Media.

Wade is the principal of Heritage Maritime LLC, a maritime operations and consulting group. Wade has operated various cruise vessels in Southeast Alaska and helped pilot a race sailboat across the Atlantic in 2008.

Wade is a graduate of Humboldt State University with a degree in Zoology and is a licensed Fishing Guide with the State of Alaska.
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David has recently written a book based on the letters written by his father during WWII to his family. Available now on Amazon.

From Amazon:

On station off Okinawa, the crew of the destroyer USS KIDD braced for impact as the Japanese Zero hit and exploded its bomb. April 11, 1945, had suddenly become a very long day.

This true story about a new Naval officer is told through his letters home to his wife, young son, and family. Historical facts and personal details are filled in by the author, his son. The officer’s journey from induction and advanced training, through deployment to the Forward Area and the kamikaze attack, and finally to the retirement of the ship is detailed, revealing a true WWII Pacific adventure.